Monday, December 20, 2010


Time to be moving on to the next country.


Capital: Gaborone
Population: 1.5 million, majority 'Batswana'
Official Language: English (Setswana more widely spoken)
Currency: Pula

1. Xai-Xai (West of Botswana, bordering Namibia)

Described as 'a community-based tourism among Bushmen and Herero herders', this seems to be a promising start to getting myself acquainted with 'the culture'. Alas I found very limited references online, a visit also come in a package. Hmmmm....not my ideal way to getting to know the locals so I'll leave this one until I'm actually there to find out more. Besides, it came with a warning, "If you decide to come, don't do so expecting to meet 'traditional' hunter-gatherers; these days the Basarwa or San (that's Bushmen for you) only dress up for the benefit of visitors."

Looking forward to discovering what's not mentioned in the guide books.

Other than that, it's just a long list of National Parks and Nature Reserves, thanks to the charm of the Kalahari wildlife. One that interests me is the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

2. Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Serowe

Established in 1992, it's another community-run project to preserve Botswana's rhinos, poached almost to extinction in the 1980s.

Activities range from camping to rhino trails to bird watching.

More research needed.

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