Thursday, January 20, 2011


I arrived in Cambridge at a ridiculous hour in the freezing cold. I'll be spending time with Riz and his family and also go through any final details for our trip to Africa - budget, route, health requirements, etc., etc. - a long list of things to do.

Riz has been working hard alright, being on the phone the whole time with two monitors running simultaneously in the background.

And me?

Equally PRODUCTIVE, indeed. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011


For Piks....

....sorry Piks, I've thought about it long and hard but I think I'm not ready to go to jail for arson

Random things my friends and I discuss about. Nonsensical at times, it must be the chicken strips we had.

When I started searching for this on Google Image, I seriously didn't think there'd be so many hits!

He looks pretty docile here but if the lion ever decides that I make a good afternoon snack....I'll definitely know what to do! It was also suggested I pile up the kilos now so I can lose it there.

The Widjajas arranged for a wonderful dinner and drinks last night at Ole-Ole Bali. Klev and Richard made it too. My mind never arrived at work today, besides the nagging mental reminder to enable the Out Of Office. This was a great way to conclude it. Then it's off to London for a 3-week break!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


'Run towards the person who runs slower than you...then deviate'

- Shington Widjaja

....Nothing but the best survival tips from Shington.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I could've chosen a better image but for now this'll do. The first photo I took with my trusty little camera specifically for this blog is of....a piece of paper!

Mind you, this paper is worth a couple of thousand ringgit, MYR2394 to be exact. I'm flying Malaysia Airlines. I would say that's a good deal from Kuala Lumpur to Cape Town. I booked this through via, in case you're interested.

So the flight date is on the 13th March 2011, and no, it's not a Friday.

It does feel like things are really moving now. I can feel the heat! I've been going to the banks a lot lately and asking about account cancellation (of my gym membership, not at the bank-lah) and the mandatory vaccinations, among others.

So yes, Jaja, plenty of time for you to plan, so my expectation is way up there!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Jaja is already talking about a farewell party.

Who am I to complain?

It's not like I'm not coming back.


On second thought....

Jaja, I take it as a hint but don't forget our deal - 2 out of 3 and Hawaii One Five :)

Crazy lady, I'm going to miss her.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Capital: Dodoma
Population: 39 million (over 120 ethnic groups)
Official Language: Swahili
Currency: Tanzanian shilling

tanzania tourist map

- image from

The other day I told Yao Jung about this trip. In Skype mode excitement, the first thing he blurted was "Serengeti!"

Yes, the stuff of the National Geographic Channel. The great migration.

1. The Serengeti

There's just too many National Parks and Game Reserves to choose from, such diverse habitats, but supposedly the untamed Katavi National Park is one of the few that allows visitors to jump off the jeep and walk on the plains. The only complication is to get there, land transport may take days. My eyes open wide when I read "all flights will require landing on a grass airstrip" and "bush-compatible light aircraft". Bush-compatible. Cute.

2. Zanzibar

'Nuff said :)

- image from

3. Kilimanjaro

Mighty Kilimanjaro from the Savannah, click for details and to send it as an eCard in our picture gallery!

Standing at 5891m, the climb up to the Uhuru Peak at Kilimanjaro needs a week, possibly a bit more costly too. Scientists posited the year 2014 as the date for disappearance of the mountain's ice cap due to global warming.

- image from

4. The Maasai

The world is fascinated by them.

Lions are afraid of them.

Everybody else wants to dance the adumu with them.

- image from

This may be one of the highlights of the trip, especially for Riz. I leave it at that, I'm sure he'll divulge the story.    

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feel that?

It's going to be a fantastic year!

Have a good one folks!
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