Saturday, January 15, 2011


For Piks....

....sorry Piks, I've thought about it long and hard but I think I'm not ready to go to jail for arson

Random things my friends and I discuss about. Nonsensical at times, it must be the chicken strips we had.

When I started searching for this on Google Image, I seriously didn't think there'd be so many hits!

He looks pretty docile here but if the lion ever decides that I make a good afternoon snack....I'll definitely know what to do! It was also suggested I pile up the kilos now so I can lose it there.

The Widjajas arranged for a wonderful dinner and drinks last night at Ole-Ole Bali. Klev and Richard made it too. My mind never arrived at work today, besides the nagging mental reminder to enable the Out Of Office. This was a great way to conclude it. Then it's off to London for a 3-week break!

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