Monday, January 3, 2011


Capital: Dodoma
Population: 39 million (over 120 ethnic groups)
Official Language: Swahili
Currency: Tanzanian shilling

tanzania tourist map

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The other day I told Yao Jung about this trip. In Skype mode excitement, the first thing he blurted was "Serengeti!"

Yes, the stuff of the National Geographic Channel. The great migration.

1. The Serengeti

There's just too many National Parks and Game Reserves to choose from, such diverse habitats, but supposedly the untamed Katavi National Park is one of the few that allows visitors to jump off the jeep and walk on the plains. The only complication is to get there, land transport may take days. My eyes open wide when I read "all flights will require landing on a grass airstrip" and "bush-compatible light aircraft". Bush-compatible. Cute.

2. Zanzibar

'Nuff said :)

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3. Kilimanjaro

Mighty Kilimanjaro from the Savannah, click for details and to send it as an eCard in our picture gallery!

Standing at 5891m, the climb up to the Uhuru Peak at Kilimanjaro needs a week, possibly a bit more costly too. Scientists posited the year 2014 as the date for disappearance of the mountain's ice cap due to global warming.

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4. The Maasai

The world is fascinated by them.

Lions are afraid of them.

Everybody else wants to dance the adumu with them.

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This may be one of the highlights of the trip, especially for Riz. I leave it at that, I'm sure he'll divulge the story.    

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