Monday, January 10, 2011


I could've chosen a better image but for now this'll do. The first photo I took with my trusty little camera specifically for this blog is of....a piece of paper!

Mind you, this paper is worth a couple of thousand ringgit, MYR2394 to be exact. I'm flying Malaysia Airlines. I would say that's a good deal from Kuala Lumpur to Cape Town. I booked this through via, in case you're interested.

So the flight date is on the 13th March 2011, and no, it's not a Friday.

It does feel like things are really moving now. I can feel the heat! I've been going to the banks a lot lately and asking about account cancellation (of my gym membership, not at the bank-lah) and the mandatory vaccinations, among others.

So yes, Jaja, plenty of time for you to plan, so my expectation is way up there!

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