Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Say it repeatedly, has a melody to it hasn't it?

I'm actually doing a research on GPS systems, particularly used for travelling, to show me how to get to the nearest waterhole, if I get lost in the desert. Certainly in my case, I need help in the food department i.e. find the best eating places.

On a serious note (!), I'm planning to use this to lock and upload the coordinates online and record my route. If anybody has any insight on this, I'll appreciate the information. For the time being, I'm looking at the review for best GPS for 2011 on Top Ten Reviews. A much more competitive market out there compared to 5 years back as the technology is picking up among outdoor enthusiasts and addicts, I'm hoping to get a good deal.

Now where in Kuala Lumpur is another good question.

- the Delorme Earthmate PN-40, rated #1 on Top Ten Reviews, I'll be happy if I can get around the fact that it has 'complete U.S. and Canada topographic details' because it sounds like there's a subscription fee of some sort involved. Image from tripleblaze.com

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