Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The defiant Col. Gadaffi tries to dismiss rumours that he fled Tripoli. Holding a cream-coloured umbrella perched on the back seat of a car, a shoddy looking building as the backdrop doesn't really help if you ask me. Political unrest is sweeping through the land now, with more violence reported in other countries. With great power comes great responsibility. People tend to forget the latter.

A completely different scene is unfolding on the other side of the world. A devastating earthquake has hit Christchurch, a state of emergency is declared. Volunteers, local authorities and people from all walks of life are frantically trying to search for survivors, or saving friends and colleagues - working way through the night. Mom called a family friend last night, thankfully everybody's alright.

Unfortunately for these two, their mother may not have survived the disaster (photo taken from

Whether in the Middle East or New Zealand, here's to the men and women who put their differences aside, fought earnestly, strived persistently. 

On a much lighter note, I went to get my vaccinations done yesterday for yellow fever (mandatory for entry to a number of African countries) and Vivaxim (Hep A + Typhoid). And so, I finally got my yellow card, which resulted in a very numb dead left arm. My travel insurance finally sorted and Astro account cancelled. One useless piece of info - you are allowed to cancel the Astro account you have even if it's registered under a different name. You just have to give one month notice for cancellation of which you have to return the smart card within 3 months. Another option is to freeze the account but only for a limited time (also 3 months). That or I was in my best behaviour lucky to get to deal with a very helpful Customer Service officer, a very different experience to when AIr Asia cancelled my flight.  

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