Monday, February 7, 2011


I shamefully admit that I haven't been following the news events on the state of unrest happening in Egypt while I was away in the UK, now entering its third week. Now I'm reading up as much I can.

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I find this a good summary: Egypt Uprising – A Chronicle by Dr John Postill

For a chronology of events, here's another useful link, from Al-Jazeera: Timeline: Egypt Unrest

More importantly, I got hold of friends in Cairo to find out how they're doing, thankfully, they're fine. I pray that they continue be safe. I received a message from Air Asia the day before I was scheduled to fly out of the UK on the 5th informing me that my flight was cancelled 'due to the aircraft being required to perform humanitarian evacuation efforts out of Cairo'. I managed to get myself on the next available flight, on Sunday.

** Also read: Egypt's Revolution on BBC News

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