Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just before dinner last night, Geraldine, Billy, KC, Sayan and Gary decided that they map the rest of my trip for me, since I only got to Gaborone so far. I agreed, and we got the map of Africa projected on the giant white screen conveniently erected in the middle of the room to distract us from staring at the disorder behind it (Is that MY tent?)

"Is this something Hemant handed down to you?" I asked Sayan. He looked back at me in disgust.

What started as a geography lesson on Africa turned into manic bouts of laughter that went on and on and on and left Geraldine hysterically crying to bits.

And it wasn't even about the route anymore. But if I ever get to Chişinău (Wikitravel it to understand what's behind 1488), they'll know this crazy evening play a big part. 

There will be times when I miss home. Friends.

But if I have this to look back at, I have no doubt melancholy will last but for a second.

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